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  1. "LAKAN AWARD" is the highest award granted to every deserving PNPA Alumni

  2. There shall be ten (10) Lakan awardees every year to be given during Alumni Homecoming.

  3. Three (3) of the Lakan Awards shall be distributed as follows:

    One (1) – BFP Chapter
    One (1) - BJMP Chapter
    One (1) - PNPAAAI Lady Officer

    The respective president of the aforecited chapters/group should be the one to recommend from among its members, for the “Lakan Award” and submit to the Chairman, Lakan Awards Selection Committee.

  4. From the seven (7) remaining Lakan Awards, two (2) awards will be allotted for the Administrative Accomplishments while five (5) for Operational accomplishments.

  5. The seven (7) Lakan Awards will be competed by the different PNPA Classes. Each class president may indorse two (2) candidates: one (1) for operational accomplishments and the other one (1) for administrative accomplishments. Application without indorsement from the PNPA Class President/Regional President/Bureau President will not be entertained.

  6. Only one (1) “Lakan Award” should be given for a PNPA Class except when the other Lakan awardee(s) are endorsee(s) of the BFP chapter, BJMP chapter and Lady Alumnae.

  7. Applicants for Lakan Award must be at least five (5) years in the active officer service (Jan 2002 – Dec 2006).

  8. The Lakan Awards Selection Committee is compose of the present members of the Board of Trustees with a Chairman appointed by the Board. Other members will come from the religious sector, media, a senior active and retired PNPA Alumni.

  9. Submission of application will start on February 19, 2007. Deadline of Submission will be on 28 February 2007. 10. Interview of Semi-finalist is set on March 8 – 9, 2007 at the PNPA Alumni office.

  10. Supporting documents (2 copies only) of candidates of Lakan Award shall be submitted to the Chairman of Lakan Award Committee at PNPAAAI office Unit 203 Regalia Park Tower, #150 P Tuazon Ave cor EDSA Cubao, Quezon City.

Police Superintendent
Chairman, Lakan Awards Committee

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