PNPAAAI Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Lakan Tomas Gutang Rentoy '83 for His Recent Promotion to Police Chief Supirentendent

The PNPAAAI hosted a Testimonial dinner at Jade Palace Restaurant last September 28, 2010 at 7:00 in the evening in honor of the newly promoted LAKAN TOMAS GUTANG RENTOY who was recently promoted to the rank of Police Chief Superintendent. He belongs to the MAGITING CLASS of 1983.

It was a joyous occasion highlighted by narration of nostalgic moments during the cadetship and early years in the PNP service of LAKAN RENTOY ’83 with humorous and tickling jabs by his very close friends and classmates from the jail and fire. Special mention during the rendering of honors was the unique character of the newly promoted general in the police service for being generous and helpful especially to LAKANS who seek his assistance. LAKAN ROSENDO DIAL '86 and LAKAN ROGELIO ASIGNADO '82, Alumni President and Chairman respectively, took turns in expressing praises and accolades on the honoree and enjoined all Alumni members to take their cue on the examples and convictions exemplified by the honoree in the performance of his avowed duties and responsibilities as a law enforcement officer.

PCSUPT RENTOY highlighted in his speech the importance of hard work and devotion to the institution. His happiness according to him is when he is able to lend a hand to those in need.  He announced that in few years time, more Lakans will join his rank as Star Officer, which subsequently place PNPAAAI graduates to key and sensitive position in the PNP onwards to  strategic assumption of organizational leadership towards better public service.

The dinner was attended by members of the PNPAAAI Board of Trustees led by its corporate officers. Other attendees were Regional, Chapter and Class Presidents spearheaded by members of Class ’83, together with other officers from Bureau of Jail, Bureau of Fire and PNP, family and friends.

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Page Modified Date: 13 October 2010